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MYCUTE is a high-end brand in China maternal an infant industry, which has a wide experience of research & development production of diapers. MYCUTE and its parent firm are exploring ways towards improvement of quality, safety and practicability. Due to this, MYCUTE is popular among city ladies from its launch. The product portfolios have been perfectly meeting various baby care requirements, such as diapers, toddler pants, cotton soft towel, baby washing liquid, baby antibacterial soap, baby body-wash product and so on. 

MYCUTE concentrates on creating maternal and infant products.Throughout all the process, they mainly work from the following three raw materials from around the world, use the world’s top technology and the world’s top equipment, take the best storage on the market.Therefore, every diapers from MYCUTE is a competitive product. In their opinion, they aim to reach a target that while taking care of every baby, we will bring more love and joy to every family.


Designers have created a tailor-made brand’s font which is a sans serif typeface with very characteristic details which are used to build the brand, with the capitals giving an elegance and a sense of trust so as to upright and steady, international, professional and preciseness as well as deluxe sense. Letter Y is designed as brand’s super symbolwhich looks like seed newly sprout, which symbolises newborn baby as well as the same meaning of brand’s Chinese name. While it also resembles the shape of holding hands, means to take care of the baby.