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HIBABY is a brand of maternal and infant products, products have sold well in all domestic cities. Product range covers baby diapers, toddler pants, cotton soft towel, wet wipes, baby body-wash product, sanitary napkins and so on.



“Ocean core” is the core selling point of the product, therefore the designers choose the largest whale in nature as the prototype of the auxiliary pattern. By artistic treatment of whale wings, they hope to interpret traditional whale in a fresh manner.

The colors of the auxiliary pattern remain the brand colors — blue and pink. Blue is the same as the whale and its growing environment, symbolizing nature and environmental protection. Pink symbolises cute and love, which fits the attributes of maternal and infant industry.





Mascots can connect emotions and attract customers, so we think they play a very important role in the design.

The mascot is based on the blue whale, the largest mammal on Earth, meaning “robust” in Latin. Blue Whale means safety, maternal love, health, highly consistent with the brand concept.

Mascot overall design adhering to the design philosophy of less is more, and the design style is simple, modern, exquisite. By personifying the blue whale, the designer tailor-made exquisite, lovely and vivid brand image that excellently represents the brand’s advanced sense.

Apart from these, via the ingenious usage of brand’s color and identification symbol, designers keep a high consistent between the mascot and the brand identity system.